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Season Pass Sales

Thank you for purchasing your Terry Peak Season Pass online.  

If you do not receive you pass in the mail, it maybe that we still need your picture.  When you first come to use the mountain, come to Guest Services next to Stewart Lodge and we will take your photo and make your pass. 

Thank you!

Each October, Terry Peak Season Passes are offered at half price. Half-price season passes are well worth their value in daily passes; an adult pass is paid for in just 7 visits, and a junior pass is paid for in only 5 visits. The half-price season pass not only provides you with unlimited skiing & snowboarding, (including holidays), but also many on-area and off-area discounts.  Checkout the Terry Peak Season Pass Ski Area Deals page, and the Terry Peak Season Pass Partner Deals page for more information.  The Online Store half-price sales is now closed October  2015 for pass sales. 

  • Upload your own passport quality digital photo(s) for each season pass(es) at the time of your on-line purchase and we will send you the pass(es) in the mail! 
  • New photos are required for passholders 17 & under, passholders 18 and overdo not require new pass photos. 
  • The photo requirements are available in the link below and will be enforced.  After the on-line purchase has been made, you will no longer be able to upload your photo in the on-line store.
  • If you wish to have us take the photo(s) come to the Season Pass / Guest Services office at Stewart Lodge on Terry Peak.  
  • Guest Service office hours are 10:00am to 5:00 pm, 7 days a week, October 1-31, 2015.  If you wait to get yourphoto(s) taken during your first visit to Terry Peak, the season pass processing center with be set up in the Guest services Building next to Stewart Lodge.   
  • Pass Photo Requirements

2015-2016 Season Pass Pricing

Pass Type
Pre-Season Prices - Beginning October 1
(October 1st - 31st)
Regular Season Prices
(After November 1st)
Adult (Ages 13 - 69)
$319 + tax ($17.54) 
$638 + tax ($35.09)
Junior (Ages 6 - 12)
$190 + tax ($10.45) 
$380 + tax ($20.90)
Child (Ages 5-)
$10 + tax ($0.55) 
$10 + tax ($0.55)
Senior (Ages 70+)
$10 + tax ($0.55) 
$10 + tax ($0.55)
2014-2015 Season Pass Pricing

Pre-Season Prices, October 1st- 31st!

Adult (13 -69): $319 + tax ($17.54)

Junior (6-12): $190 + tax ($10.45)

Child (5 and under): $10 + tax ($.55)

Senior (70+ yrs): $10 + tax ($.55)

Regular Season Passes (After November 1st)

Adult (13 -69): $638+ tax ($35.09)

Junior (6-12): $380 + tax ($20.90)

Child (5 and under): $10 + tax ($.55)

Senior (70+ yrs): $10 + tax ($.55)

*Add 5.5% sales tax.

Terry Peak Season Pass are sold as non-refundable and non-transferable.  Protect your investment by purchasing SafeGuard, an in-house refund program for loss of pass use due to injury or illness.  (Proof of covered medical reasons are required from your doctor.)

Pre-Season Prices 
(October 1st - 31st)
Regular Season Prices
(After November 1st)
Adult (Ages 13 - 69)
$18 + tax ($0.99) 
$36 + tax ($1.98)
Junior (Ages 6 - 12)
$12 + tax ($0.66) 
$24 + tax ($1.32)
*Add 5.5% sales tax.

Pre-Season Prices (October 1st- 31st)

Adult (13 -69): $18 + tax ($.99)

Junior (6-12): $12 + tax ($.66)

Regular Season Passes (After November 1st)

Adult (13 -69): $36+ tax ($1.98)

Junior (6-12): $24 + tax ($1.32)

*Add 5.5% sales tax.
How to Order Terry Peak Season Passes:
  • Call (605) 584-2165 
  • During October, walk in to Guest Services at Stewart Slope on Terry Peak 10am-5pm, seven days a week.
  • During the ski season, the Guest Service office is open the same days as the ski area, 8am-4:30 pm. Phone (605) 584-2165 or Rapid City local number (605) 342-7609.
Liability Release Form
  • Please remember, we need a completed 2015-2016 Liability Release Form for every passholder before we can issue thepass. 
  • If you have successfully purchased your pass(es) online, your electronicLiability Release Form has been received. 
  • A parent or guardian must sign for those ages 17 and under. Passholders 18 and up must sign for themselves.
Season Pass Policies
  • FORGOTTEN PASS policy - identification required.  During the 2015-16 season, if you forget your season pass the first time you can get a $10.55 day pass, the second time a $21.10 day pass, the third time no discount is offered ~ it's full price. 
  • $52.75 REPLACEMENT FEE FOR LOST PASS - any abuse of this policy may result in suspension of pass.
  • Fraudulent pass users will be prosecuted and will lose pass indefinitely.
  • Please allow online orders 48 hours to process before picking up your pass at Guest Services.