Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Hours and Season

Q: What are Terry Peak’s hours during the ski season?
A: During the season, Terry Peak is open 7 days a week, including all holidays.
The offices and the rental shop are open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The lifts run from 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Q: How long does Terry Peak’s ski season normally run?
A: Depending on the weather/availability of snow, Terry Peak’s season generally runs from the 1st weekend in December through the 1st Sunday in April. Definitive dates are announced on our website, on Facebook, Instagram, and via our newsletters, for which you can sign up here:  Email Sign Up | Terry Peak Ski Area

Daily Lift Passes

Q: Can I buy my daily lift pass(es) in advance?
A: Yes. Create an account in the online store at to purchase your lift pass(es) up to 14 days in advance. Terry Peak uses RFID chipped cards that are automatically loaded and retain the lift pass(es), rentals, and lessons you have purchased online. On your 1st visit to Terry Peak, you’ll receive one of these reusable cards, and from then on, every time you purchase a lift pass online (or at the ticketing counter), it will be loaded onto the same card. So, be sure to create a Terry Peak online account and keep the card so it can be reloaded, and you can avoid standing in the ticketing line and go directly to the lift.

Q: What’s the cost of a lift pass?
A:  For adult and junior all-area access day passes, Terry Peak uses flex/dynamic pricing, much like buying an airline ticket; the earlier a ticket is purchased online, the less expensive it will be.
For adults (13-69), on Fri- Sun and/or holidays, a lift pass is between $69-84, and Mon – Thu costs $65.
For juniors (6-12), on Fri-Sun and/or holidays, a lift pass is between $51-60 Mon – Thu the cost is $49. Tickets bought at the window will always be sold at the highest price.
Half-day, beginner area, children under 5, senior (70-79), and super senior (80+) lift passes are sold at fixed prices.

Q: With flex/dynamic pricing, how will I be able to tell the price of a day pass?
A: You’ll be able to see the price of your day pass once you select the day of your visit. However, if you put it into your cart and you “sit” on it for a while, a given price in the cart might expire – all pass(es) at that price might sell out in the meantime – and you may have to empty your cart and make a new selection at a higher price.

 Q: Can I ski for a half day, and what’s the cost of those passes?
A: Half-day skiing begins at 12:30 p.m., and lift passes for half-day skiing are available for purchase only at the ticketing window.  NOTE: Half-day passes are not available online.
For adults (13-69), half-day passes Fri-Sun and/or holidays are $65, Mon -Thu the cost is $55.
For juniors (6-12), half-day passes Fri-Sun and/or holidays are $45, Mon-Thu the cost is $39.

Q: I’m just a beginner; what’s a pass cost, and where can I go on the mountain?
A:  A beginner lift pass will restrict you to using the Magic Carpet and Stewart Lift and the slope areas that connect with those lifts.
For adult beginners (13-69), on Fri-Sun and/or holidays, a lift pass is $45, Mon-Thu the cost is $35.
For junior beginners (6-12), on Fri-Sun and/or holidays, a lift pass is $35, Mon-Thu the cost is $25.

Q: I have a child under 5. How much does a lift pass cost?
A: Children under 5 ski free. However, unless they’re participating in a ski school program, they must be accompanied by a parent with ski/boarding equipment.

Q: I’m a senior. What’s the cost of my lift pass?
A: If you’re between 70 and 79 (senior), the cost of your lift pass is $20, and if you’re 80 or older (super-senior), you ski for free. However, you must present your ID to prove you’re old enough to receive a senior or super-senior lift pass.

Q: Do you give a military discount?
A: Yes, we do. Military discount lift passes are available Sunday – Friday and cost $55 for an Adult All Area pass. Only the all-area access lift pass is discounted. You must be on active duty – your dependents do not qualify – and present your active-duty military ID to receive the discount.

Q:  I’ve bought my lift pass online, but now I don’t feel like skiing on that day. Can I get a refund?
A: No, in general, we don’t give refunds. Much like any other event for which you might purchase a ticket (concerts, ball games, etc.), you must attend on that day or risk losing the cost of the ticket.

Q: Is it cheaper to buy a multi-day pass online?
A: No. Multi-day passes are only available for holiday periods, must be purchased in person, and are sold at full/maximum price.  Booking your individual ski/snowboarding days online is more advantageous to receive the best pricing. You can book several days in a row, allowing you to ski multiple days at much more significant savings than buying a multi-day lift pass in person.

Equipment Rentals

Q:  Can I rent ski or snowboarding equipment at Terry Peak?
A: Yes. The Terry Peak rental shop has skis, poles, ski boots, snowboards, snowboard boots, helmets, and day lockers for rent. Equipment rentals can be purchased online up to 14 days in advance. The purchase is loaded onto the same RFID card as the lift tickets. However, rentals are first come, first served and cannot be guaranteed even if paid for online. Especially on busy days – typically the weekends and holidays – we recommend visiting the rental shop as soon as it opens at 08:00 a.m. to increase your probability of receiving equipment.

Q: I’ve made reservations for rental equipment. Can I pick up my equipment in the afternoon the day before I plan to ski or snowboard?
A: This is what is known as pre-rental. Pre-rental pickup is permitted during non-holiday periods for weekdays, Tuesday through Thursday, for rentals only. For instance, if you plan on visiting us on a Tuesday, you can pick up your rentals on a Monday (unless it’s a holiday) between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. Pre-rentals will not be available between Thursday and Sunday.

Q: I’ve rented my equipment for one day, but I decided to stay on for another day. Can I keep my equipment?
A:  Yes, you can do so by re-renting your equipment by either going online and making the purchase there and letting the rental department know that you’ve re-rented the equipment, or you can stop by the ticket window or Guest Services to re-rent the equipment in person.

Q: I rented skis/snowboard for the day but would like to switch to snowboard/skis. Can I do that?
A: Yes, you can switch out your skis/snowboard after 12:00 p.m. for a fee of $5.00. If you decide to switch back for one reason or another, you can do so for an additional fee of $10.00.

Q: I have my own skis, but I bought new boots. Is there a place at Terry Peak where I can adjust my bindings?
A: Yes. You can have your bindings adjusted at the Back Shop in Stewart Lodge in the Rental Department. The Back Shop also provides several other services, a listing of which can be found here: Equipment Repair | Snowboard Tune Up | Terry Peak Ski Area

Q: Can I rent goggles, gloves, and/or ski pants and jackets?
A: No. Terry Peak does not rent these items; however, goggles, gloves, and pants are available at our retail store. The retail store does not sell jackets.

Ski School

Q: I am handicapped. Do you offer adaptive skiing lessons?
A: Yes. Our ski school offers adaptive lessons, which can be booked by calling 605-584-2165 and pressing 2.

Q: I am a handicapped skier. Can I rent adaptive ski equipment at Terry Peak?
A: No, we don’t rent adaptive equipment.

Q: Can I reserve lessons in advance?
A: Yes, you can book lesson packages online up to 14 days in advance. Private and semi-private lessons must be reserved by calling our ski school at 605-584-2165 and selecting option 2.

Q: Can I request an instructor?
A: Absolutely. However, the instructor’s schedule may be random.  We encourage customers to communicate with their favorite instructor to find out his/her days on and off.  Ski school management will try to schedule customers with a requested instructor.

Q: When should I register for lessons?
A: Lessons can be booked online up to 14 days in advance. Please note that during busy times, the lessons fill up quickly. On the day of a scheduled package lesson, we recommend that customers who need rental equipment show up to check in at least two hours before the lesson to allow sufficient time to make it through the rental line.

Q: Can I buy a lesson that allows me to ski with my children? Can my 5-year-old go on a lesson with my 9-year-old?
A: Yes, but only in a semi-private lesson. Different age groups learn in diverse ways and at different rates. For instance, if you would like a 5- and 9-year-old to go together in a semi-private lesson, the pace of the lesson will follow the pace set by the person with the lowest ability.  In this case, it is most likely the 5-year-old who will take the better share of the instructor’s time.

Q: What time are lessons?
A: Generally, private lessons will go out at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 3:00 p.m.  Multi-hour private lessons can be booked, and if instructors are available, private lessons can go out at any hour, on the hour between 09:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Group lessons will ALWAYS go out at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Snow Tigers, Snow-Puppies, Learn to Ski, Learn to Board are all GROUP lessons.
Q: At what age can my child begin to snowboard?
A: Age 7. The Snow Tiger group lesson program will only accept snowboarding students 7 years of age or older. Children 6 and under typically don’t have the physical development needed to be successful in snowboarding.
Q: At what age can you learn to ski?
A: Young and old can be taught to ski; however, group lessons are for students 4 and older. If your child is 3 years old, they would need a private lesson. A 3-year-old is the youngest age accepted in the Terry Peak Ski School.

Q: Will Snow-Puppies accept children who are younger than 4 years old? Older than 5 years?
A: No. Snow-Puppies for Ages 4 & 5 is a program designed specifically for children living in the “pre-operations” mode of their psychological development, and the program is phenomenally successful.  A 3-year-old would need to be scheduled in private lessons, and 6-year-olds and older can be scheduled in Snow Tigers for ages 6-12.

Q: Which lessons are “Package Lessons”? Which are not?
A: Our lesson packages include Snow Tigers, Snow-Puppies, Learn to Ski, Learn to Board, Intermediate Refresher to Ski, and Intermediate Refresher to Board. These lesson packages include a lift ticket, the equipment rental, and a 2-hour group lesson. Snow Tigers and Snow-Puppies also include helmet rental. Snow Tigers and Snow-Puppies can be an all-day lesson by purchasing a morning and afternoon session together; however, the kids will have to be picked up for the lunch period, which is from approximately 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Lessons that are NOT package lessons are Ala Carte group lessons and Private Lessons. These lessons do not include lift tickets and rentals in the price.

Q: Which is more challenging, skiing or snowboarding?
A: Neither is “harder” than the other; they are simply different. It is just a student’s preference, which they would try instead.  In general, skiing is easier to learn at first but more challenging to get “good” at. Snowboarding is more physically taxing initially but easier to improve quickly.

Safety and Security

Q: Can I carry my baby in a backpack or other carrier while skiing or snowboarding?
A: Due to safety concerns and liability issues, carrying a baby (or animal) in a carrier while skiing/boarding is prohibited.

Q: I have a dog. Can I bring him with me to Terry Peak?
A: Terry Peak does not allow pets; however, service dogs are allowed. Service dogs are allowed inside the lodges but are prohibited from the lifts and slopes.

Q: Can I use my Drone at Terry Peak Ski Area?
A: Terry Peak prohibits using unmanned aerial systems or drones, including recreational users and hobbyists. This prohibition includes drones for filming or videotaping and any drone used by media or journalists operating above or within BHCL property boundaries.