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Join The INDY Revolution

119 Resorts / Two Days at Each

Terry Peak Ski Area is proud to be part of the growing revolution!
Indy Pass has grown to 119 resorts, across the US, Canada, and Japan.
Purchase Your INDY Pass Today!
  • 2 free days at each of the 119 resorts across the U.S., Canada, and Japan including Red Lodge Mountain. See the list below for all Partner Resorts
  • 25% off an additional lift ticket for the third day at each resort.
  • Special offers from participating resorts for lodging, rentals, lessons, and more!
Terry Peak has gone RFID!
To use your INDY PASS at Terry Peak, come to the Guest Service office next to Stewart Lodge. Each person using an IDNY PASS will need to purchase their own RFID card for $5.  The INDY PASS day tickets will be loaded onto the RFID card.  The cards are reusable so hang onto the card for the next time you visit Terry Peak.
NO Blackout dates at Terry Peak! NO Reservations are Required.
RFID CARDS: Place in a left pocket, do not have them next to a cell phone, wallet, or other metal or foil objects and don’t punch a hole in it.
Terry Peak Season Pass Holders will receive a 30% discount off their INDY Pass when providing their Terry Peak Season Pass receipt.